2018 ARO Young Investigator Award


2017 SOSP best paper award


2017 Google Faculty Research Award


2nd place in 2017 NYU CSAW Applied Research Competition


NEUZZ (neural-network-assisted fuzzer) code is public now


Moonshine is getting integrated with Syzkaller (Google's kernel fuzzer)


Neurify for formal verification of NN in NIPS 2018


NSF medium (joint with NYU) grant on DL testing

Two papers in USENIX Security 2018

Columbia University Security Lab

CUSec is a research group led by Professor Suman Jana in the computer science department at Columbia University. Our research interests focus on computer security, program analysis, and machine learning. We are interested in improving the security and reliability of machine learning models (DeepXplore, Neurify, ReluVal) and using these models to improve computer security/program analysis (NEUZZ). Please see our list of publications for more information.


Columbia University Security Lab

500 W 120th St

New York, NY, 10027